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Tired of religion defeating your life? Come and learn how to get acquainted with the Holy Spirit.

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Christian Church

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Christian Church | Faith Love Christian Church

While there is a great diversity among Christian churches, the basic tenets of Christian faith are foundational to any church. At Faith Love Christian...

Word Of Faith Church | Faith Love Christian Church- Newark, NJ

The word of faith church is non-denominational, worldwide Christian movement that believes in speaking the promises and provisions of the...

Bible Teaching Church | Faith Love Christian Church

Faith Love Christian Church is a bible teaching and a spirit filled church that honors the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. God is a triune...

Rise above your struggles with a message of God’s love and grace at Faith Love Christian Church.

Welcome To Faith Love Christian Church

Experience the fullness of life.

When you’re a Christian, being connected to local church in which you can be taught to live your life with grace and in faith is a vital part of your walk with God. God said that his people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. When you know the promises of God, you can have victory in your life.

Faith Love Christian Church is a church that is not bound by the traditions of man. It is by grace that you are saved, not by the customs of a particular religion. While we believe in the sacraments of baptism and communion, we are not bound to them as the basis of our salvation.

Come join us on Sunday morning for a worship experience that will bring you closer to God. Pastor Corprew has more than 25 years in the ministry and is an affiliate of Creflo Dollar Ministeral Association. He will present a message of faith and grace to give you hope in your day-to-day life as you deal with the struggles of your family.

Find a church home that will help you grow in faith, and teach you the promises of God.

All are welcome! We believe the church is a spiritual hospital where people can get help to live a better life. You could have had a bad experience just like you could have eaten a bad apple. We invite you to a life changing experience.

We believe when we give, its an expression of our love and trust in God and what Jesus has done.

Experience the fullness of a Christian life when you stay planted in the ministry where God wants you to be.

Faith Love Christian Church of Newark, New Jersey wants you to live a full, productive life under the grace of God. Come grow and learn with us. Let us pray for you. Join us live online on Sundays at 8am for Worship or at our Location: 380 Broad Street Newark, NJ 07104

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