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The word of faith church is non-denominational, worldwide Christian movement that believes in speaking the promises and provisions of the Bible as an act of faith in agreement with God’s word. Jesus said that believers shall have what they say and pray with faith.

We believe that Christians can be physically healed and have prosperity, as Christians are heirs to the covenant of Abraham, through Jesus Christ as a descendant of Abraham. When you confess and believe that Jesus is lord past and future sins have been forgiven.

Faith Love Christian Church believes that you can address the important issues in your life with Christian faith. Sunday sermons teach you who you are in Christ, how to cope with emotional issues, substance abuse, and your health. Using the Bible as your guiding light, you can help deliver people from their suffering.

Faith Love Christian Church is a word of faith church that wants you to turn your life around and be productive when dealing with your issues and problems. It is our goal to teach you to reach your full potential, be successful in business, and have a full family life when you operate under the Word of God.

We believe in the Trinity and that God’s love is real. We practice the sacraments of the Lord’s Supper and water baptism. Women are part of the body of Christ and can serve in all aspects of ministry. Our Lord Jesus Christ will return in the rapture and reign for millennia.

If you live in Newark, New Jersey and the surrounding areas, join us on Sunday morning for a church experience to help you live more fully. As a word of faith church, we want to help you experience grace, live in faith, and enjoy the blessings of God.

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